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Bring a Phoenix Favorite along to your next event!

Mary Coyle is proud to cater your next event. Whether it's an office party, outdoor affair, or special meal at a restaurant, group home, or hospital, we've got the flavors to please. While pickup is the easiest option, we can deliver our creations to your site in the Phoenix area in a cooler with dry ice to preserve cold. (Sundaes will be made on site, as they do not hold up well to travel.) In this era of extra safety, know that we also sanitize all work and touch surfaces before delivery, limit gathering sizes, observe mask and social distancing requirements, and can accommodate other reasonable requests to help you feel comfortable. We even offer contactless pickup if desired. 

Below is a general price list, but exact pricing for your event (including delivery and pickup charges, server availability, etc.) must be approved by our general manager in advance; all catering services are call-in only.

1.5-gallon buckets - $45 each

3-gallon buckets - $75 each


Catering for individual scoops:

<50 singles: $2.20 per scoop

51-100: $2 per scoop

>100: $1.70 per scoop


Catering for quarts:

<50 quarts: $8 per quart

51-100: $7.25 per quart

>100: $6.50 per quart


Minimum 24 hours notice. 

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